Passing On A Legacy of Health and Wealth

What is Generational Health and Wealth.....Pass It on?

It is about a desire to have a focal point on the web for families and individuals to learn how the financial cost of stress effects generational health and wealth that is needed to build a family legacy for the future generations.

Introduction to The Creator Of This Site

I am Njideka N. Olatunde, Naturopathic Healthcare Practitioner, entrepreneur and business owner, who is the founder and director of Focus On Healing and Financial Empowerment Services.We are in the business of health education, wealth building training, support services and consultation to individuals and organizations that want a DIFFERENT ECONOMIC REALITY.

Our business motto is “Health Is Wealth and Wealth Is Health". We show you how to have both because it is your Birthright to have Health and Wealth and you should never ever have to choose between having one over the other.


We are based in Washington,DC with offices throughout the United States.


Focus On Healing offers Achieving Optimum Health and Wellness workshops and services in the field of alternative/complementary health care. We focus on Health Care Prevention. Our specialization is stress management; reflexology services and training; one-on-one wellness maintenance coaching and support.We offer professional wellness speakers; referral services for health care practitioners; wellness services and programs in non-traditional health care approaches for individuals and organizations.

Financial Empowerment Services offers an array of financial education programs for organizations, families and individuals that include family wealth building training programs, resources and support services;"Self-Funded" monthly CashFlow MasterMind Systems; TeleSeminars, Consultations and Workshops on how to setting-up a Cashflow MasterMind Network.

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