To pass on generational wealth you need to leave a legacy for your family. To have a legacy begins with having money.


Money is a storehouse of value and a convenient medium of exchange. Money allows people to compare values and place a relative value on items purchased.

Many things have been used as money from seashells to hemp in early America. Gold and silver coins have been used around the world.These are easily identifiable and durable. Paper money and checks are more recent inventions, followed by electronic money in the form of credit cards and electronic systems such as Paypal.

The US Constitution states clearly that gold and silver are the only legal money in America. This provision of the Constitution was subverted as part of the New Deal of the 1930s. As a result, our paper money is worth much less than it was when we were on the gold standard .

Money is indeed a complex subject, and those with knowledge usually do not share it freely. It has created many negative attitudes, fears and anger about the subject. So what can one do to happily and successfully handle money today?


Identifying negative attitudes about money is most helpful. It is also helpful to realize that money follows certain laws, which, if obeyed, contribute to success in this area. Do you believe any of these common negative statements about money?

Money is a bad thing. This is a common attitude today. The opposite attitude is that I respect and appreciate money , and take responsibility for learning about it.

I do not deserve abundance. This attitude may be rooted in guilt or an inability to receive goodness into your life. The opposite attitude is that I am open to receive all good things into my life.

Being spiritual and having money do not mix. Implied here is that only selfish and greedy people have money. The bible is often quoted that "it is harder for a man with money to reach the kingdom of heaven than to pass through the eye of a needle". This is not true and probably a mistranslation, as many great biblical people such as Abraham were very wealthy. This attitude may also be due to a false pride, that you are a better person when you have to scrounge for money. It allows you to judge others and feel superior to them. Its opposite is that money is a gift from God. It is true money can get in the way of spirituality, but so can poverty.

I am ignorant about money and am always taken advantage of. Underlying this attitude is the victim mentality and hopelessness. In reality, you may have taken on this common issue out of your compassion and your power. As you resolve the money issue start seeing (M.O.N.E.Y.) as "My Own Natural Energy Yield". This is what makes it easier for millions of others to resolve the money issue, as well. This is a spiritual truth, no matter how far-fetched it may seem.

There is not enough money to go around, so I remain poor. Underlying this thought is a belief in scarcity. Buckminster Fuller proved years ago there is plenty to go around. He showed that wealth consists of the 103 elements and the knowledge of what to do with them. The amount of the elements is fixed and the knowledge of how to use them is increasing wealth all the time. Abundance is the true state. The only reasons one does not experience it are their beliefs and the expressions of those beliefs.

Wealth and Propsperity. Prosperity is a funny thing. Everybody knows the word, but few people understand what it really means. Fewer still know the secrets it takes to unlock it in your life. But once you learn these secrets, it’s a bold new world.

PROSPERITY cannot exist without Money. If you are Prosperous, you are Healthy Happy and Rich. Some rich people are sick, bitter and lonely. They are not prosperous.You can be healthy, spiritually grounded, and have a great marriage, but struggle to pay your debts each month – you are certainly not Prosperous either. Prosperity is all encompassing.

Your income and prosperity will be the average of the prosperity of your five closest friends.

Your association with money determines whether you attract it or not. Wealthy people have a very positive association with money. They view it in terms of the freedom, enjoyment and pleasure it brings them. Having a negative association of money repels it from you, while a positive association attracts it to you.

How do you FEEL about being or becoming truly PROSPEROUS in your everyday life?

A big part of the price to becoming prosperous is becoming the kind of person that handles prosperity responsibly.

Nothing comes for FREE. Prosperous people never look for anything for free. They are always happy to exchange value for everything.

You become a wealthy person in your mind then you manifest it on the physical plane, by becoming the kind of person that attracts prosperity to you.


Bills are simply invoices for blessings you’ve already received.


True Prosperity only comes to those who seek it.

It is not difficult to have Health and Wealth in your life. It just takes some attention and some action to insure that you have as much of both as you desire.

You have the knowledge and information needed to Build a Legacy , will you lay the foundation for your family and "Pass On Generational Wealth, instead of generational poverty"?

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