Building Wealth with an Economic Stimulus Plan

Building Wealth, is just like building a house it begins with a plan. The plan starts with an Idea. That idea is the voice you hear everyday that says, "I AM WEALTHY". Wealthy people know and Think Wealthy.The secret to building wealth begins with:

Building Wealth....Inside and Outside

Thoughts are things. How you think shapes your circumstances. So to live a life of unlimited abundance,you need to have the mindset that continually attracts wealth known as (prosperity consciousness). That's your inside game plan.

The rich got to where they are not only because they have the right mindset and attitude, but also because they have certain knowledge and skills that help create money (wealth building). That's your outside game plan.

The action plan starts with Ten Decisions You Need To Make To Get Rich as stated by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Step One: Decide to Be Rich The only difference between the rich, poor and middle class,” he said, “is the kind of lifestyle they want and the words they use. Poor people often say "I just want enough money to pay the rent.” “I need a few dollars to get to the next pay day". People who used words such as these, often focused only on financial survival.

The middle class used different words because they have different ideas about how to use their money: “Our home is our most important asset and our largest single investment.” “We’re setting a few dollars aside every month, so we can afford the down payment on our dream home.” “We’re saving money for our children’s college education and our retirement." The middle class focused on comfort. That is why so many of them say, “I don’t want to be rich. I just want to be comfortable.”

The rich are rich because they are not focused on day-to-day short-term survival, or the expense column as the poor are. Nor are the rich focused on comfort and the acquisition of liabilities using credit, as the middle class is. The rich are rich because they focus on wealth building assets.

Step Two: Decide What Kind of Money Problems You Want.There are only two kinds of money problems: not enough money or too much money. Unfortunately, the kind of money problem most people know is not enough money.“Most people know how to work for money, but they do not know how to have people and money work for them”.

Step Three: Write Your Plan and Follow It. After choosing between being rich, poor or middle class, and then choosing between too much money or too little money, it’s time to write your plan.

Step Four: Decide on Where You Want to do Your Banking. You can tell the difference between the rich, poor and middle class simply by where they go to get their money or do their banking. A poor man’s bank is a pawn shop.The middle class use banks, savings and loans, or credit unions for their lines of credit. A popular form of credit for this group is the credit card, which is easy to obtain.

The rich also use banks. They use the services of investment bankers, private capital from wealthy individuals and money from investment institutions.

Step Five: Choose Your Friends and Partners Wisely. One of the reasons the rich get richer is because they spend time with other rich people.

Step Six Give Yourself Time. It takes time to build a business as well as an investment portfolio. Wealth is built by starting your own business. This can start part-time beginning with a hobby or a network marketing business opportunity.

Step Seven: Start Small, Dream Big. Many people start small and stay small, simply because they have small dreams. Big dreams are important because they possess ingredients vital for success: hope, desire, passion, energy, vitality, faith, drive, inspiration and creativity. These ingredients make life worth living.

Begin today and dare to dream big. Dream of all the wonderful things this world and life have to offer. Write your plan on how you can have all your dreams come true and look at the plan every day.

Step Eight: Before You Expand You Must Contract. Instead of trying to be everywhere and do everything, FOCUS. Began by staying focused on your plan. Make the commitment and do it. Regardless of what you did yesterday, if you want to do better financially tomorrow, you may need to forgive your past, tighten up your activities today, so you can have a bright and prosperous tomorrow. To expand, you must first contract.

Step Nine: Get Bigger Faster. Started with a small plan and stayed small. The people who dream small,think small,and work small,work the hardest and are paid the least. Vowed to focus, acquire education, gain experience, start small and get big as quickly as possible.

Remind yourself of these words: “The bigger the asset you build, the less you work and the more money you make”.

Step Ten: The More You Share, The Richer You Become. To acquire great wealth quickly, you must be a person who shares and is generous. If you are greedy, stingy or tight, it will take you longer to attain great wealth.To be generous and share,is the foundation of the rich in building wealth. If you do this, you will become far richer than those who work only for themselves. If you choose to be wealthy, follow the plan and do not let anything or anyone steal your dream .

If you're seeking to build wealth and have financial prosperity, we hope this site will lead you to the right information or resources you need.Keep an open mind and you will find what you're looking for. "Seek and Ye shall Find, Knock and the Door shall be Open, Ask and Ye shall Receive".

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