Generational Wealth Builds a Family Legacy

Generational Wealth is about preserving your family name. To build generational wealth occurs over many lifetimes. If you were asked "What is your great great grandfather's name?" Many of us would say, "I do not know". The reason is because they did not pass on a family legacy.

Family tree

To build wealth is about building on the financial success of pass generations. The Rockefellers, Kennedys, Marriotts, and Hiltons (known as old family money) are examples of how generational wealth is passed on. These multi-generational families have passed on several successful businesses known as dynasties.

Generational Wealth begins when you erase the poverty mentality thinking and replace it with the financial education of the wealthy elite. This information has been hidden for decades.

In the battle against multi-generational poverty growing evidence has supported asset building as an increasingly important means to provide upward financial mobility and pathways to passing on wealth for a positive economic future.

Generational Wealth is on the minds of young people born 1967 to 1979. Money is by far their most important problem as it relates to handling financial concerns, living expenses, college education careers and jobs.

Young people today may earn more in dollars than their parents did, but their money buys less. This may make them feel poorer, which means a lot less economic security."They are going to have a harder time because the amounts they'll have to come up with to even do as well as their parents are going to be harder to achieve."

Did You Know In 2001, according to the latest survey from the Federal Reserve, about 33% of wealth in the U.S. was held by the richest 1%, or about 2.8 million persons, and the wealthiest 10% owned 70% of wealth. According to a Boston College Social Welfare Research Institute study, $41 trillion in personal wealth in the U.S. will be bequeathed inter-generationally between 1998 and 2052.

ERASE the poverty consciousness mentality that has been passed on for generations. Join the campaign of Generational Health and Wealth...Pass It On

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