Health Is Wealth Your Key to Lifestyle Wellness

Health vs. Wealth

Health is affected by many factors in our daily lives. Health is more dependent on the distribution of wealth than it is on personal lifestyle choices.

Families in the lower class have a higher likelihood of sicknesses and disease, which is clearly a main health issue throughout life.

The upper class family has the financial resources for a favorable position in the health care hierarchy of our medical care system, thus allowing a longer life span than those not so privileged. It is easy to see that the social class you are born into, affects the quality of life more than your personal lifestyles. In modern society you can “get anything with time and money”.

Wealth Secures Health

Think the health disparities between rich and poor are simply a matter of unequal access to health care? Think again.

Health disparities exist in the United States based on health coverage. Disparities exist even in the upper brackets, with Americans who make $500,000 a year enjoying fewer health problems and longer lives than those making a hefty $100,000 a year.

When asked the question, What would you prefer, Health or Wealth , the natural spontaneous answer would be Health. For,wealth without good health becomes useless.

What are the major requirements for maintaining good health?

Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle What is a healthy lifestyle?

Not Smoking: Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that tobacco use remains the leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

Maintaining a healthy weight:

Eating Healthy Nutrious Foods: Eating healthy food is the nourishment for the body. It is what stops obesity and is the key to health care prevention for improved health and quality of life.

Water: Water is the most essential nutrient for our bodies. Proper hydration is crucial to helping the body work at its optimum performance level.

Deep Breathing: Breathing transports oxygen into the body and carbon dioxide out of the body. Breathing is exercise for the diaphragm muscles. Breathing is the "Spirit of Life".

Exercise: One of the biggest problems in America today is lack of activity. The truth is, movement and the more you do, the healthier you'll be.

Rest and Relaxation: Getting enough rest is imperative to living a healthy lifestyle. When you do not relax and get enough sleep you are putting yourself at risk for illness as well as other side effects. The amount of rest each individual needs every night differs,the average adult needs approximately 7-8 hours of sleep each night to restore their body with the energy it needs to handle all of the demands of living each day.

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Health Is Wealth when you decide to change your life stlye and your economic realty....

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