When you have the financial resources you are able to get the best in health care services and programs. The question that needs to be asked is " Why?

In the U.S.,your health depends on your wealth — even if you're not poor. A recent study reveals that at age 55, even people with upper-middle-class incomes suffer more disability than those with even higher earnings. Poor people in the U.S. have limited access to health care and they live and work in less healthy environments than wealthier Americans.

Where Wealth means Health: shows that,compared to residents in the wealthiest areas in the US, those living in the poorest are: Three times more likely to be admitted to hospital for mental health conditions; Five times more likely to suffer alcohol related conditions requiring hospital admission; More than twice as likely to suffer from chronic health conditions; Over two times more likely to die from either smoking or alcohol related conditions.

Scientific research have shown that the most powerful predictor of human disease is economic inequality.

Reducing inequality is not about class warfare it is about keeping people alive and healthy, with "Financial Education". Education is what moves you from low to high income achievers.

It is often said that "Knowledge Is Power". This is half true. "Knowledge and Information Is Power When You Know How To Use It".

The wealthy are wealthy because they have financial education that is passed on from generation to generation. It is about having an action plan with instructions. To have an action plan means you have to change your thoughts and belief about money.

Why are wealthy people different from poor and average people? It is not about the money, the luxury, nor the lifestyle that wealthy people have. It is about their Mindset. Real wealthy people act differently about the cash they can get their hands on and everything else pertaining to money and possession. And this is because they Think Differently. Real wealthy people can afford all the luxury things,the poor/middle class create debt to have, because they have higher purchasing power.

We tend to think that to become wealthy we have to ‘act’ or ‘live’ like those who in reality are. The fact is to become wealthy we have to "THINK" like real wealthy people.

By having the right mindset,you will not only be able to have abundant riches, but also a great chance to live abundantly: do all the things that provide satisfaction, spend quality time with you family and friends, and have all the time and money to voluntarily help other people and make your part of the world a better place to live.

Above all, having the right mindset will give you a chance to care and provide for your family even after you leave this planet. Generational Wealth.....Pass It On

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